Law 4.1f – mouth guard compulsory

With semis & finals coming up, this is a reminder that mouth guards are compulsory for all players – please ensure you add it to your “pre-game discussion” so as to give everyone time to source their equipment as required”

(f) A player may wear a mouth guard or dental protector.
The wearing of a mouth guard in an approved manner is compulsory for all players at all levels of New Zealand Domestic Rugby.
A player observed by the referee to be not wearing a mouth guard, shall leave the field and not be permitted to return until such time as the player is wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner. The team of the offending player shall not be permitted a replacement during the period the offending player is off the field. If the offending player is unable to return wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner, then that player may be replaced after a period of 10 minutes (playing time) has elapsed. This will be deemed to be a permanent replacement and the offending player will not be permitted to return to the field of play under any circumstances, except in accordance with Law 3.13, but then only if that player is wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner.

NOTE: If a player produces a medical certificate stating they should not
wear a mouthguard that player will be exempt from the requirement.

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Many of you will be aware of a lineout tactic adopted at the recent Junior World Championship whereby the non-ball-winning team chooses NOT to make physical contact with the players of the ball-winning team, once the ball has been thrown-in and won.  This means that no maul is created because only the players of one team are gathered around the ball carrier.

The IRB provided direction on how to referee this circumstance.
In order to provide clarity, please instruct all referees to rule as follows:

  • If the non-ball-winning team in the line out choose to not engage the line out drive by “leaving the line out as a group”, PENALTY KICK to team in possession.
  • If the non-ball-winning team in the line out choose to not engage the line out drive by simply opening up a gap and “creating space” and they remain at the lineout, the following process would be followed:
    • the ball-winning team would need to keep the ball with the front player, if they were to drive down-field (therefore play on, general play – non-ball-winning players could either engage to form a maul, or tackle the ball carrier only).
    • if they immediately hand it back to a player behind the front player, the referee will tell them to “use it” which they must do immediately.
    • if they drive forward and the ball is in possession of a player behind the front player, the referee will award a scrum for “accidental offside” rather than a Penalty Kick for obstruction.

We believe that teams who are adept at mauling will very quickly make use of their options to their advantage and therefore non-ball-winning teams will be taking a massive risk if they choose not to compete and, therefore, create the initial maul.

The message to referees regarding the ball-winning team formation is:

  1. We need to ensure that the ball is not transferred from the Jumper to the back player before a maul is formed.
  2. We need to be FAR MORE vigilant on team-in-possession players “joining the maul ahead of the ball carrier and/or the last player on their own side of the maul” – we need to ensure team-in-possession players join from the back (just as we expect the non-possession team to do).
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Hardham and Jubilee Cup Finals appointments

Hardham Cup Final (Sunday August 3):

Referee: Vincent Ringrose
AR’s:       C.Graham, S.Kennedy

Jubilee Cup Final (Sunday August 3):

Referee: Ben O’Keeffe
AR’s:       R.Gordon, N.Hogan

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Hardham and Jubilee Cup Semi Final appointments

Hardham Cup Semi Finals (Saturday 26th July):

Norths v Avalon @ Porirua Park 2.30pm
Referee: Scott Kennedy
AR#1:     W.Bowden

Poneke v Wellington @ Kilbirnie Park 2.30pm
Referee: Chris Graham
AR#1:     B.Jackman

Jubilee Cup Semi Finals (Saturday 26th July):

Hutt OBM v Oriental-Rongotai @ Hutt Rec 2.30pm
Referee: Richard Gordon
AR#1: D. Mangin

Wainuiomata v Marist St.Pats @ William Jones Park 2.30pm
Referee: Nick Hogan
AR#1:     D. Walsh

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WRRA Quiz night

WRRA quiz night to be held on Moday 11 August 2014 @ Petone Working Mens Club 7PM start.  WRRA will supply some nibbles and the bar.

If anyone has any prizes, please notify Steve Newson.

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WRRA black Polo Tops

WRRA black Polo Tops now available – $35

If you would like one, please place your order to Ian Dallas with your name & size

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Level II Law Exam – Monday 14th July

Next Monday, we will be conducting the Level-2 Law Exam at theNZRU Petone Working Men’s Club.  Start time is 7pm.  If you are going to sit the exam, please let David Walsh know so that sufficient copies of the paper can be made available.  If you require a Reader/Writer to assist you with reading the Exam questions, please also let David know.

The 1st Year referees will be meeting as per normal.  There is no other Training-Education-Development presentation scheduled for Monday night.  Please do not disrupt the exam.  If you are not going to sit the exam or you are not part of the 1st Year Group, you can have the evening at home.

Click here for important information about the exam from the NZRU.

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UPDATE: Meeting 30 June

Law exam preparation will continue; however, it will take be between 7 PM and 8 PM this week and will cover Law 21 In-Goal and Law 11 Offside and Onside in General Play.

New referees meeting have now been cancelled as well but are welcome to attend law revision.

This will be the last exam class as we will be running a mock exam 7 July, followed by level 2 exam on the 14th.

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Exam Class Outline

Why is this Exam so Difficult?

  • because you need to read questions carefully and identify important words.
  • be aware what each Law intends to understand the overall aim of a Law.
  • many questions contain several pieces of data, and each has to be carefully understood before a decision can be made.
  • some (many?) questions are not clearly worded!

To prepare you need to read, thoroughly, the 2014 Law Book (on Internet); 2014 version of Domestic Safety Law Variations (but Dave Walsh’s version will do).

Task for next Monday (16 June):

  • Learn off what offences are PENALTIES for Law 19 (Touch and Lineout) as most are Free Kicks, and what offences are FREE KICKS for Law 20 (Scrum) as most are Penalties.
  • Questions from past papers
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Level 2 Law Theory Exam

This exam will probably have to be sat in early July.
Therefore exam classes will start this Monday 8th June at PWMC between 6 – 7 pm.
Topic: What are the Problems with this Exam!!!
Bring Law book, pen and paper.

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