Tidbit 2 – Responsibility of others

Responsibility of others

It is the responsibility of those who coach or teach the Game to ensure that players are prepared in a manner which ensures compliance with the Laws of the Game and in accordance with safe practices.

It is the duty of the referee to apply fairly all the Laws of the Game in every match except when an experimental Law variation has been authorised by the IRB Council.

It is the duty of the Unions to ensure that the game at every level is conducted in accordance with disciplined and sporting behaviour. This principle cannot be upheld solely by the referee; its observance also rests on Unions, affiliated bodies and clubs.

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Tidbit 1 – Responsibility of players

Responsibility of players

Rugby Union is a sport which involves physical contact. Any sport involving physical contact has inherent dangers. It is very important that players play the Game in accordance with the Laws of the Game and be mindful of the safety of themselves and others.

It is the responsibility of players to ensure that they are physically and technically prepared in a manner which enables them to play the Game, comply with the Laws of the Game and participate in accordance with safe practices.

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Tidbits from the Law Book

Over the next while, we will be running a 7 post series with tidbits of information quoted directly from the law book.  This is information from the preface and charter from the law book and is meant primarily for awareness and to challenge how we think on the field about certain aspects of the game and not any law in specific.

… for the love of the game …

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Gordo @ National Under 19s – 2nd edition

This week in Taupo has gone by pretty damn quickly. On Tuesday a spot of fishing saw the WRRA take out the biggest fish award. A WRRA also had the lowest golf round, unfortunately this time it was Waikato!

Onto the second round of games on Wednesday, and the teams really stepped it up. Good quality running rugby from all the teams meant a hard day in the sun for us refs. Luckily our own ‘Guns McPhysio’ Jimmy Sincock was around to force us into the ice baths.

Yesterday saw a review session in the morning, followed by some claybird shooting and hot pools in the arvo. No surprises to learn that the best shot is the farmer from Oamaru. Today we did a really good outdoor session with Bryce Lawrence on positioning (Mark – Salty from Auckland videod this – you should get it for us), played some touch and had a relaxing arvo.

In my last post I said the opportunities and learnings really stood out. I think another thing I’ve realised is just how important it is to keep things really really simple. If you start to try do too much at once, you’ll get lost. We have been really trying to just get one thing right in our game at a time, and do it in the least complicated way possible.

Tomorrow is the last day! I’ve got Hawkes Bay vs Heartland, and looking forward to watching Wellington take it out! Will be followed by a good evening out, with multiple lemonades consumed.

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Gordo @ National Under 19s

photo 3 (1)The first three days in Taupo have been pretty full on. We arrived on Saturday, checking into our nice little villas on the hill, our accommodation. With two double beds and a single in the lounge those that got shotgun are pretty happy!

After a quiet catch up with the lads, we all got an early night sleep ready for 8 games on Sunday.

With the first game at 11am, we got to the venue around 9. The whole day was superbly organised, and we all got the real vibe that this tournament could be something special and around for a while.

photo 1 (1)My first game, between Auckland and Taranaki, was at 6pm. I have to admit I found it pretty tough being at the venue for 9 hours before running out,
but that was a good learning – how do you deal with things out of your comfort zone?

I was lucky enough to get a sky game on number one at Owen Delaney park, which was a very enjoyable experience.

The thing that has stood out to me so far is just the huge opportunity this week is to develop as a referee and person. The expertise with us and opportunities to learn is just gold. Chris Pollock, Rod Hill, Vinny Munro and four coaches from Auckland are here to help, and we’ve spent a lot of time on upskilling and development.  I have to admit i wasn’t particularly happy with my first up performance, but the environment is such that I got some really good learnings out of it, and will go apply them to my next game – Counties v Tasman on Wednesday.

Until then, fishing and golf. It’s not all work…

photo 2 (1)

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Richard Gordon to referee at inaugural National Under 19 Tournament

Congratulations to Richard Gordon who is off to Taupo for the upcoming week to referee in the inaugural National Under 19 Tournament as part of the NZ Rugby Union Wider Referees Training group.

Richard Gordon

This group will be refereeing all fixtures at the Jock Hobbs Memorial National Under 19s. There are three game days – Sunday 28th September, Wednesday 1st October and Saturday 4th October. The format is knockout the whole way. The tournament is in Taupo at Owen Delaney Park with at least 1 game live on Sky each of those days. The wider training group will be in Taupo for 9 days over the course of the tournament, developing their refereeing, game planning, reviewing, and other relevant refereeing stuff.

We are hoping that Richard will be able to provide some regular reports from the tournament which will be posted here.

Wellington, Waikato, Auckland A and Canterbury secure top seeds for the inaugural National Under 19 rugby tournament which gets underway in Taupo on Sunday, 28 September.

Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, North Harbour and Otago make up the other four spots in the Premiership division for the Graham Mourie Cup.

Tasman, Manawatu, Auckland B, Counties Manukau, Southland, Northland, Hawke’s Bay and the NZ Heartland team compete in the Championship division of the tournament for the Michael Jones Trophy.

Final seedings for the Jock Hobbs Memorial National U19 Tournament are:

Premiership (Division 1)


Canterbury – Wellington – Auckland A – Waikato
Otago -Taranaki -North Harbour -Bay of Plenty

Championship (Division 2)

Tasman -Manawatu – Auckland B – Counties – Manukau
Southland – Hawke’s Bay – Northland – NZ Heartland

The first day of action on Sunday 28 September can be found below:

Kick off Field no. Match

11.05am 2 Auckland B v Hawke’s Bay
11.05am 3 Counties Manukau v Southland
2.05pm 2 Northland v Manawatu
2.05pm 3 Bay of Plenty v Canterbury
4.05pm 1 Heartland v Tasman
5.05pm 2 Waikato v Otago
5.05pm 3 North Harbour v Wellington
6.05pm 1 Auckland A v Taranaki

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Wellington Rugby Club Basketball interests

As per previous post, if you are interested in competing as a WRRA team please email Conor Hill who has kindly nominated his help.

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Wellington Rugby Club Basketball Challenge

Throughout the year we compete against each other, now may be the time to compete as a team.

During a recent Club Chairmans meeting the possibility of an off season basketball league of some sort for rugby club players was discussed.  The theory was:

  • Many rugby players enjoy a bit of basketball,
  • Rugby clubs are keen on a way of keeping their players in touch with their clubs in the months before Christmas (after Christmas pre-season kicks in);
  • Clubs want players to be active in the ‘slack months’;
  • Its another way of socialising players across teams and introducing newer players to other club players.

Whoever wins will be crowned “Rugby Club Basketball Champion of Wellington”!!  But generally its just a great way to keep your rugby community/players connected in this pre-Christmas period.

Any member who wants to run with the idea, email the webmaster so we can update the details and get the ball … shooting through the hoops.


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Centurions Golf Tournament – Friday 31st October – Shandon

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Centurions Rugby Football Club. 

 One of the longstanding and popular events is the annual golf tournament, this year at Shandon on Friday 31 October.  It will be great to again celebrate our significant milestone.

 The golf tournament will provide balance to your Centurions diet, coming off a highly successful pre-Test lunch and now a brisk walk to top it off!

 You are warmly invited to make up a team and join us for the golf.

 If your team is representing a rugby club, you are encouraged to wear your club’s jersey. Last year the winners of the Centurions Cup were the WRFU captained by Will Caccia-Birch and they were all in Lions jerseys.

As the old saying goes if you can’t play like one look like one. Wear your colours.

We would love to see a full field and your team included.  Register now, $200 for a team of 3, any members interested please advise Ian Dallas.

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Dubai Selections

Richard Gordon

The Executive would like to congratulate the following two referees on their selection to represent the WRRA at the 2014 Dubai 7s in December – Richard Gordon and Scott Kennedy. This year we are sending two referees because Ben O’Keeffe last year refereed the final which allowed us one extra referee. Both experienced 7s referees, Richard and Scott will be fine tuning their 7s refereeing on the local circuit before heading to Dubai.

Scott Kennedy

The coach selection process has altered this year in that the Dubai 7’s selection committee will make a selection, and once we have confirmation, this will be announced.

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