Secondary Schools Premier 1 Semi-finals and Final appointments

Wellington Secondary Schools Premier 1 Semi-Finals

Saturday 1 August Venue @ 2:30pm Referee AR#1 AR#2
Scots College v Wellington College Scots College Colin Te Pohe Simon Flockton Glenn Baxter
St. Pats Silverstream v St. Pats Town Silverstream Greg Binning Steve Newson Scott Marriner

Wellington Secondary Schools Premier 1 Final

Sunday 9 August Venue/Time Referee AR#1 AR#2
? v ? Porirua Park
@ 1:00 PM
Jamie Fairmaid Colin Te Pohe Greg Binning

Jamie Fairmaid

Jamie Fairmaid


2015 Tie Resolution – WRFU & WSSRU

WRFU Club Rugby

WRFU By-law 6.2

If at full-time in a SEMI-FINAL two teams are tied, then two ten minute spells will be played to determine the winner. Teams will initially play the same direction as they did in the first half of regulation time, with the same team kicking off first. Teams will swap for the second half.  There will be no “golden point”.  If the scores are still tied at the conclusion of extra time the result will be determined as follows:

  1. The team scoring the most tries in the match shall proceed to the final, but if these are equal;
  2. The winner of the round robin match in the second round of the WRFU CC shall proceed to the final, but if this match was drawn;
  3. The team with the higher differential between points scored for and points scored against, shall proceed to the final (and in respect of defaults the second sentence of By-Law 6.3(b) shall apply), but if this is equal;
  4. The finalist shall be determined by the toss of a coin.

If in a FINAL, two teams are tied at full time, they shall play a period of extra time consisting of two periods of ten minutes each way. Teams will initially play the same direction as they did in the first half of regulation time, with the same team kicking off first. Teams will swap for the second half.  If scores are still tied at the end of this period a period of ‘sudden death’ extra time will be played, with teams again playing in the same direction as they did in the first half of regulation time. If no winner is found after this the winner shall be determined by:

  1. The team scoring the most tries in the final; but if this is equal
  2. The team with the best point differential through the current competition, that being the difference between the amount of points scored and points conceded, shall de declared the winner (and in respect of defaults the second sentence of By-Law 6.3 shall apply), but if this is equal;
  3. Shared Title

The ‘Sudden Death’ period shall consist of one period of ten minutes within which if a team scores a point they are deemed the winner.

Procedure for continuing the game if extra time is required

  1. After fulltime in the match proper, there will be a maximum 5 minute break before extra time commences.
  2. There will be a 1 minute break between the extra time periods.
  3. At the commencement of extra time, the teams will play in the same direction that they played in the 1st half of the match.  At the halftime period of extra time, the teams will swap playing direction.
  4. The team that kicked-off to start the match will kick-off to start extra time.  Their opponents will kick-off the 2nd period of extra time.
  5. If a third period of extra time (golden point) is required, the teams will play in the same direction that they played in the 1st half of the match and the team that kicked-off the match will kick-off again.

Substitutions / Temporary Replacements / Permanent Replacements

The Laws governing substitutions, temporary replacements and permanent replacements apply for the entire duration of the match, extra-time inclusive!

Teams are not entitled to “reset” their subs / replacements!


In all WSSRU quarter final, semi-final and final matches, if the scores are tied at the end of normal time, there is no extra time (IRB under 19 rule). Accordingly, where at the end of ordinary time the scores are tied, the winner of the match will be the team that was the highest ranked team at the end of the championship round.

Wellington Premier semi-finals and finals appointments

Jubilee Cup Semi-Finals

Saturday 25 July Venue @ 2:30pm Referee AR#1 AR#2
Marist St.Pats v Tawa Evans Bay Daniel Mangin Vincent Ringrose Ben O’Keeffe
Old Boys-University v
Basin Reserve Nick Hogan Richard Gordon Mike Fraser

Hardham Cup Semi-Finals

Saturday 25 July Venue @ 2:30pm Referee AR#1 AR#2
Upper Hutt v Avalon Maidstone Park David Walsh Mike Pinfold Steve Newson
Johnsonville v Poneke Helston Park Scott Kennedy Jamie Fairmaid TBC

 Jubilee Cup Final

Saturday 2 August Venue/Time Referee AR#1 AR#2
Old Boys-University v Marist St.Pats Porirua Park
@ 3:30 PM
Richard Gordon Nick Hogan Daniel Mangin

 Hardham Cup Final

Saturday 2 August Venue/Time Referee AR#1 AR#2
Upper Hutt v Johnsonville Porirua Park
@ 1:00 PM
Vincent Ringrose Scott Kennedy David Walsh


Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon

Vincent Ringrose

Vincent Ringrose

Moment of Silence – Jerry Collins

Please note several teams at all levels of rugby (Club and College) have indicated that they will be conducting one minutes silence prior to their fixtures in respect to the passing of Jerry Collins.  Protocol to be followed will be for teams to line up on the 10m line facing each other to observe this moment of silence.

Wondering Withers in Queensland

Sam Withers is currently on interchange in Queensland. He filed this brief report.

Hi all. The trip is going really well. It’s me and two Canterbury refs up here. We arrived Friday night and were straight into it Saturday. My game was at 11am at Souths and I spent the whole day at the ground, watching one of the Christchurch guys and ARing the premier match at 3.30.

We had a few U16 club games on the Sunday, and my host took us around Brisbane on the Monday/Tuesday. It’s a cool place: great river, modern feel, plenty of bars! Wednesday we went down to the Gold Coast in 27°C heat, arriving back in the city for evening training and a scrum session. Rohan Hoffman and Matt O’Brien were both there so it was pretty nice meeting them.

We’re off to Suncorp on Friday for the Reds game, and overall it’s been quite a relaxing week. Saturday brings another day of reffing, and I hear they have a big final night planned! See you all Monday

sw6 sw5 sw4 sw3 sw2 sw1

Team Cards

WRFU grades:

All teams should be using duplicated (carbon copy) teamsheets.

  • the referee needs to sight a teamsheet (with all the players listed and details completed) prior to the match
  • at the end of the match, the referee needs to:
  • complete the Griffiths Memorial scoring in the bottom lefthand corner of the teamsheet
  • sign the teamsheet as a correct record of the result, sin-binnings, orderings-off, etc.
  • obtain/identify the names of players who have been sin-binned, ordered-off or who have suffered a serious injury

Referees do NOT collect teamsheets for WRFU grade matches.  It is the responsibility of the clubs to get the teamsheets to the WRFU.

Secondary School grades:

Each team is to hand their completed Team Card to the referee BEFORE the match (ie: the referee must collect a Team Card from each team BEFORE the match).  The referee retains possession of the Team Card.

At the end of the match, the referee completes ALL of the incomplete detail on both sides of the Team Card:

  • Teams involved in the fixture
  • Grade
  • Date
  • Division
  • Venue
  • REFEREE <- this is easy, just PRINT your name in the space provided!
  • Yellow/Red Card and injury incidents specific to each individual player
  • THE SCORE and how it was achieved (tries, conversions, penalties, drop goals, Total)
  • Ground issues
  • Conduct matters
  • Game comments

Please hand in Team Cards at the WRRA Monday night meetings.  If you are unable to attend the Monday night meeting following your game, please ensure that Team Cards are posted (or otherwise delivered) to College Sport Wellington or the Wellington RFU.

Please do not retain possession of Team Cards and do not discard them.

WRRA 2015 Information card

New Members

Contact the Referee Education Officer, the WRFU Club Rugby Administrator or ANY existing referee!
Come along to a Monday night WRRA meeting to find out about refereeing or to register your interest in becoming a referee.

Meeting VENUE:  upstairs, The Petone Working Men’s Club, 47 Udy Street, Petone.

Our Association meets every Monday, March through September (excluding public holidays). Meetings start at 7.00pm.


The principal sponsor of the WRRA is Advantage4Me.  Advantage4Me branded uniform is to be worn for all fixtures.  Kit supplied includes: jersey, shorts, socks, tracksuit, kit-bag, yellow/red cards, assistant referee flags, whistle.


Chairman Ian Dallas
Appointments Jared Clarke
Mark Fairmaid
Richard Gordon
Referee Education Officer / Recruitment David Walsh
021 898 098
04 380 2215
0800 73 33 73
WRFU Club Rugby Administrator Michael Langley
021 390 463
04 380 2219


A full subscription is $70 (reduced to $50 if paid by 30th April).  Student subscription is $60 (reduced to $40 if paid by 30th April).  1st Year Referee subscription is $30.

Your subscription provides you with many benefits including: access to the Petone Working Men’s Club facilities; sponsored refereeing kit; preferential Test Match ticket rights, etc.


The appointment of referees to fixtures is managed through an online system call “Who’s the Ref”.  All members need to enrol as a user of the Who’s the Ref system.  The Administrator of this appointments system will approve your enrollment.

Who’s the Ref also manages your week to week availability (non-availability).  Training will be provided so that you are able to set up and use Who’s the Ref accurately and effectively.

Cancellations and Transfers

Alterations to fixtures are managed throughout the week by the Appointments Committee.  Cancellations and late changes are advised by Newstalk ZB on their Facebook page “The All Sports Breakfast”.

Duration of Play

WRFU Club Rugby                 All grades                           40 min halves
Secondary Schools                  All grades                           35 min halves
Small Blacks                            Under-12 & Under-13      30 min halves
Sin Bin                                      All grades                           10 mins (stoppage time)
Blood Bin                                  All grades                           15 mins max. (running time)


Reports are necessary where:
(a) player(s) are sin-binned (Yellow Card)
(b) player(s) are sent off (Red Card)
(c) the game is ended, or called off, early
(d) you are the subject of abuse (of any kind)
(e) a serious injury occurs during your fixture

ALL Red Card, Game Called Off Early, Referee Abuse and very serious injury incidents must be notified to one of the following ON THE DAY that they occur!

Mike Dilnott                  Ian Dallas                  Michael Langley                   David Walsh


You should get medical advice or assistance from trained personnel where they are available. You can require an injured player to leave the field if you believe it is unsafe for that player to continue.