Passing of Life Member, Allan Young 1925 – 2015

AYIt is with regret we acknowledge the passing of Life Member Allan Young on Friday the 10th April. Allan was made a Life Member in 1981 which acknowledged his contribution to the Association in many roles.

He refereed to Senior A level. He went on to serve on the Coaching and Grading Committee and the Executive where his expertise in finance was crucial in helping the association to be on a sound financial footing during some tough times.

He served as President in 1975 to 1976. He continued to stay involved to the point where he attended the AGM in February where he was seen to be keeping the current Chairman honest through his well thought questions.

At this stage we are not sure when his funeral will be, but we will post the funeral information once we know.

Community Rugby Technical Priorities – 2015

Community Rugby Technical Priorities – 2015

  1. Player Safety
  • The wearing of a mouth guard in all NZ Domestic Rugby is compulsory
  • Closely observe players who sustain a head knock – Play It Safe

Reason: Player safety is paramount


  1. The Game Fundamentals.
  • For all restarts at half way and 22m drop-outs advancing players must be behind the kicker
  • Half backs are required to put the ball in straight, with part of the ball landing on the middle line
  • Line out throws to be down the middle and without delay
  • Penalty/Free Kicks are to be taken on or behind the mark (the mark is not the place to commence the run to kick)
  • Foul Play to be dealt with decisively and effectively

Reason: To keep the game tidy and well managed.


  1. Positive Set Pieces.

“Scrums & lineouts formed within 30 seconds is a priority”


  • 3 calls requires 3 actions: “Crouch” / “Bind” /” Set” sequence. Good set up essential
  • scrums to be stable before ball is fed in on referees indication (non verbal)
  • long bind by props
  • scrum must push forward prior to any wheel


Line Outs

  • ball to be thrown along the middle line
  • players not to interfere with jumpers in the air
  • lineout maul is formed when player(s) from the non-ball-winning team bind(s) onto the ball winner and that player is bound to a team mate or is caught in the maul

Reason: To have game restarts occur quickly and provide quality ball.


  1. Tackle/Ruck/Maul
  • Players are required to stay on their feet and enter tackles through the gate
  • Cleaning out players beyond the ball is not acceptable
  • Tacklers must exit east/west and not interfere with ball release
  • Half backs are not to be grasped/interfered with at rucks & mauls
  • The ball is deemed to be out of the ruck when the half back lifts the ball (not when the ball is touched)

Reason: To give teams the opportunity to contest at tackle, ruck and maul.


  1. Space for the Game to Operate
  • Maintain the defensive offside lines at Set Piece – in particular 5m for backs at scrum; 10m for backs at line out
  • Backlines at ruck/maul must be onside until the ball is clearly out of the ruck/maul
  • Players must STOP or retire when ahead of the kicker at kicks in general play
  • All players in the lineout must remain there until the lineout has ended.

Reason: To give the ball receiving team as much SPACE as possible in accordance with law.


  1. Management & Communication
  • Communication of decisions is expected to be clear and relate to law
  • Team Captains are expected to be the only communicators with referees during games
  • Cynical infringements will be dealt with quickly and decisively, they need not be part of repeated infringements

Reason: The aim is to encourage open communication and for decisions to be clear and easy to understand.

Recruitment/information evening – potential referees

Day:       Wednesday 22nd April
Time:     5:30pm to 6:30pm
Venue:  The Green Man, corner of Victoria St and Willeston St, Wellington City

The Wellington RRA and Wellington RFU are hosting an event at The Green Man for prospective referees and those that are interested in finding out more about refereeing.

If you know of someone that could or would be a referee, or, if you know of someone who is contemplating taking up refereeing, please encourage them to come along to find out more.  If they are unsure about attending on their own, bring them to the event yourself!

donthangupyourbootsSome of our existing referees will be attending and will be available to talk about their own decisions to take up refereeing and the steps that they have followed through to the current season.  More experienced members of our Association, such as Executive Committee members, will also be in attendance.

The Hurricanes are supporting this event by having their Head Coach and captain join us at The Green Man.  Chris Boyd and Conrad Smith will also be available to mix and mingle with our guests.

As the hosts, we will provide refreshments for guests and prospective referees.

Please spread the word!!  Our membership surveys of recent years have indicated that the most productive method of recruiting new referees is “shoulder tap” or “friend get friend”.

Membership subscription 2015

WRRA Subscriptions 2015:

Membership Rate Discounted rate – if paid before 30th April
Full membership NZ$70 NZ$50
Student NZ$60 NZ$40
First year NZ$30
Honorary member NZ$15
Transferee New after 30/04 NZ$50 (NZ$70 if not paid within 4 weeks)
65+ Discount of 50% of fees above

Subscriptions can be paid by Internet Banking or directly to our Treasurer, Pam Dilnott. If Pam is not present at a Monday night meeting, Ian Dallas and/or Mike Dilnott are able to accept your subscriptions payment and issue you with a receipt.

Payments can be done via Internet Banking with details below

Bank:                         BNZ Petone
Account Name:        Wellington Rugby Referees Association
Bank Account No:   020544—0205928—000
Particulars:               Your name
Reference:                Subscriptions

Life Member – Ross Ewart

Ross Ewart

Ross was awarded Life Membership of the Wellington RRA at our AGM on 23rd February, 2015.

After being involved as a player, coach and administrator with the Hutt Rugby Club, at the age of 45, Ross joined the WRRA as a member of “the class of 1980”. In his formative years at the WRRA, Ross had the pleasure of being confined on Monday nights, along with other new members, to the ‘freezing cold dungeons’ which were the Changing Rooms in the Petone Recreation Ground grand-stand. Ross passed the Level-1 Law Exam and in due course gained Intermediate Grade status (which equates to Level-3 Grade these days). Ross retired from active refereeing in 2005 at the age of 70. He was already engaged in the coaching of our 1st-Year referees, having started in 1998, and Ross is still going strong. Ross assists the New Referees’ convenor, developing new referees and performing all the duties of a referee coach. Most, if not all, of us will have received wise words from Ross in our 1st years in the Wellington Association.

Ross, You have provided outstanding service to refereeing and rugby. Congratulations.

Dr. Ben O’Keeffe Super Rugby Debut

Congratulations to Dr. Ben O’Keeffe who makes his Super Rugby debut earlier than expected replacing Chris Pollock. He will be refereeing Highlanders v Crusaders at Forsyth Barr Stadium, 21 February 2015 at 7:35 NZ time.

Ben O'Keeffe

Ben O’Keeffe

WRRA Annual Report

WRRA 2014 Annual Report Final

The Wellington Rugby Referees Association executive are pleased to present the 2014 Annual Report. Just a reminder that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 23rd February 2015, at 7:30pm. Meeting will conclude with a light finger food.

Click the link to download the WRRA 2014 Annual Report