IRB Scrum Law / DSLV Scrum Law Application in Wellington

The following section contains information for referees in Wellington to make uniform decisions.

IRB Scrum Law  or  Domestic Safety Law Variations (DSLV) Scrum Law Application in Wellington:

  • IRB Scrum Law:     Premier, Senior-1 and Senior-2 grades
  • Domestic Safety Law Variation Scrum Law:     Senior-3 and below.  This, obviously, includes all Secondary School Grades.

DSLV Scrum Law – configuration of scrums when numbers are reduced
Wellington Rugby Referees Association directive:
The number of players, from each team, participating in scrums MUST ALWAYS be equal in games where DSLV Scrum Laws are being applied.  If a team is reduced in numbers from the standard 15 players, the following scrum management needs to be applied:

  • If a backline player is missing, scrum numbers are not affected, therefore scrums must be 8 v 8.
  • If a forward player is missing, BOTH teams must reduce their scrum participant numbers so that they are equal.  This applies regardless of which team is throwing the ball into the scrum!!
  • Reduction of 1 forward player – scrums are 7 players v 7 players
  • Reduction of 2 forward players from one team – scrums are 6 v 6
  • Reduction of 3 forward players from one team – scrums are 5 v 5
  • [15-aside and 10-aside scrums cannot ever be less than 5 v 5 players]

Teams are not entitled to play 8 players in a scrum if a forward player is missing, neither should they be required to do so by the referee.

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