Wearing of Long Skins

The following section contains information for referees in Wellington to make uniform decisions.

Wearing of Long Skins:

We have recently received some enquiries re the legality of players wearing long skins i.e. covering the knees and below.  Accordingly we sought clarification from the IRB who have ruled that skins are deemed to be underwear.  Accordingly, as per IRB Ruling 5-2006  the wearing of long skins covering the knee and below is not permitted. For your information IRB Ruling 5-2006 appears below:

Ruling of the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee

  1. Jersey: a close fitting shirt worn on the upper half of the body which is not attached to shorts or underwear.
  2. Shorts: trousers that start at the waist and end above the knees, have an elasticised waist band and/or draw string, and are not attached to the jersey or underwear.
  3. Underwear: an undergarment, that covers the body from the waist, having short or no legs but does end above the knees, and worn next to the skin or under clothing, and not attached to the jersey or shorts

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