All communications with the media (newspaper, radio & TV), NZRU, WRFU, etc are to be conducted by the WRRA Chairman and/or the Executive Committee, unless special dispensation is granted.

New Members

Contact David Walsh (Referee Education Officer) at the WRFU.  Come along to a Monday night WRRA meeting & register your interest in, or investigate the possibility of, becoming a referee.  Full membership is confirmed after satisfactorily completing 3 official appointments.


Meetings are held at the Petone Working Men’s Club,47 Udy Street, Petone on every Monday, March through September (excluding public holidays). Meetings start at 7.00pm.


A full subscription is $80 (reduced to $60 if paid by 30th April).  Student subscription is $60 (reduced to $40 if paid by 30th April).  1st Year Referee subscription is $30.  Your subscription provides you with many benefits including: access to the Petone Working Men’s Club facilities; sponsored refereeing kit; preferential Test Match ticket rights, etc.

Social Activities

The Petone Working Men’s Club facilities are available for use by subscribed WRRA members at any time (you must “sign in” on the PWMC visitor’s register in the foyer).  Social functions during the season will be advised by the Social Committee and will be promoted at Monday night meetings and through the website, newsletters, email, etc.


Any person who is unhappy with any aspect of their relationship with the Association is welcome to discuss problems with the Welfare Officer – Tony Meyers (021 297 9725)or any member of the Executive.


The WRRA conducts referee exchanges with other NZ associations and several overseas associations and societies.  Members are selected for interchange by the Selection and Coaching personnel.

Preparing for a Game


Appointments are published on Tuesday evening on the WRRA website (

All games that you referee must be authorised by the WRFU – this is a requirement of our insurance cover.

It is a serious matter if an appointed referee fails to turn up to a fixture. If you are unable to attend a fixture, you MUST contact the WRRA Appointments committee.


Use the WhosTheRef facility (link on side pane) to send advance notice of non-availability.  Your non-availability is to be communicated to the Appointments Committee  no later than 9am the Tuesday prior to the weekend of unavailability. Please give more than this minimum notice if possible!!

Cancellations and Transfers

These are also available on the WRFU ( websites by following the Cancellations and Alterations link from the Draws and Results page.  The WRRA website also publishes the cancellations.


The WRRA uniform is to be worn for all fixtures. WRRA dress uniform (including ties, beanies & badges) can be purchased through the Gear Committee.


Before each fixture you are obliged to inspect the ground for unusual or dangerous features, introduce yourself to the coaches, managers and captains and conduct the mandatory pre-match briefing with all front-rowers and halfbacks.  You must also collect team-sheets, appoint and brief assistant referees, inspect players’ clothing and boots, and arrange the toss of the coin.  As you will also need to change and warm-up you should be at your venue at least 30 minutes before your fixture is scheduled to commence.

Team Cards

Team cards are required for all WRFU and Secondary School fixtures and must be completed, including marking which of the team’s reserve players are suitably trained front row players, and given to the referee before the game commences. The referee should complete these teamsheets after the match, which includes recording scores and allocating points for the Griffiths Memorial Competition (where applicable).  WRFU team cards are to be left with team management.  Secondary school team cards should be retained by the referee and handed in at the referees’ meeting on the Monday following the fixture. If you cannot attend please mail them and any referee’s reports to: Michael Langley, WRFU,P.O. Box 7201,Wellington.

WRFU and Secondary School Rules


All teams are required to advise the WRFU Appointment’s Officer of their intention to default before 12.00pm on the day prior to their fixture.  Referees will be advised when a default has been notified.  A match must commence at the start time allocated by the WRFU. If play has not commenced within 20 minutes of the allocated start time, the referee must declare that the team which is unable or unwilling to proceed to have lost by default.

For a team to start a match they must have 15 players with the exception of Presidents Grade where they must have a minimum of 12 players. To start a match in Premier Grade a team must have 3 replacements and 5 suitably trained and experienced front row players. Front row players must be nominated on the Team Card.

Duration of Play

 Start promptly and add injury time to the duration of the half in which the delay occurs.

Grade Applies to Time
WRFU All grades 40 minutes
Secondary Schools All grades 35 minutes
Sin Bin All grades 10 minutes stoppage time
Blood Bin All grades 15 minutes running time
International Law WRFU Premier, Senior 1 and Senior 2
NZ Domestic Safety Variations – Law 20 SCRUM All grades below Senior 2

Replacement of Players

Injured and bleeding players may be replaced.  Players may be substituted.  A player who has been substituted IS entitled to return to the field to replace an injured or bleeding player.  A front row player who has been sent-off or sin-binned can be replaced and the replacement must be suitably trained and experienced in the position.  The team must nominate another player to leave the field.  The referee should decide whether the scrums are safe to continue.

Dangerous Scrums

Non-contested scrums are to be held where a replacement player in either front row is unable to maintain a suitable and safe body position.  The Number-8 IS allowed to unbind and take the ball from the base of an uncontested scrum.


You are required to report incidents where:

  1. player(s) are sin-binned (Yellow Card)
  2. player(s) are sent off (Red Card)
  3. the game is ended, or called off, early
  4. you are the subject of abuse (of any kind)
  5. a serious injury occurs during your fixture

ALL Red Card, Game Called Off Early, Referee Abuse and very serious injury incidents must be notified to one of the following ON THE DAY that they occur!

 Ian Dallas                     Emma Paisley               David Walsh

Please do not finalise reports until viewed by one of the noted persons above.

Reports are to be completed on WhosTheRef; however, blank reports are available by following the documents tab at the top of the WRRA website and the report itself should be sent to Michael Langley inside the mandatory 48 hour period (fax 04 389 0889 or email). If you are unable to get completed reports to Michael before this time you should contact him to make him aware of the report.  Monday evening meetings are suitable for providing a printed copy of your report PROVIDED one of the 4 people listed above is aware of the report’s existence!  For assistance with completing reports, contact Mike, Ian, Michael or David in the first instance.

Judicial Committee Hearings

Hearings are held at the WRFU offices at Thorndon,Wellington.  If you have sent someone off and the club appeals, you may be advised that your attendance at the hearing is required.  The WRRA delegate to the WRFU (Mark Fairmaid) is available to attend disciplinary hearings.


You should get medical advice or assistance from trained personnel where they are available. You can require an injured player to leave the field if you believe it is unsafe for that player to continue.


All players with open and/or bleeding wounds should be removed from the field and treated. They are not to resume playing until the bleeding has stopped and, if necessary, the wound is covered.  Blood stained clothing must be replaced.