Monday Night Training

 Monday night structure – 2015

7:00pm – 7:15pm Law revision (relating to the 1hr of instruction that follows)
7:15pm – 8:15pm Training topic
8:15pm General notices – Chairman / Executive
  • Bring a note book
  • Bring a Law book
  • Bring a pen

The approach to Monday night training, education and development sessions for Referees is based upon the following:

Delivering a game that is entertaining, easy to play and easy to understand.
The philosophy is our “anchor” which we can measure everything we do against.

Quick ball at the tackle
Solid Set Piece (in particular scrum)
Space (offsides)

Processes enable the referee to meet the Key Deliverables.  Monday nights will be the opportunity to provide information for the formulation of Processes.  The plan and deliverables are not just for referees. They will also provide coaches with a framework to enable them to coach to the identified key areas of the game that make a game work.

  • greater focus on the Management/Coaching aspects in the application of Laws of the Game
  • exposing referees to ‘self review’ processes
  • constant recognition of the community levels at which the majority are refereeing
  • coaches, players, ex-players attending meetings


  • Identify Points to be Addressed in each session
  • Distribute to Presenters etc detailing expectations
    • Participation acceptance
    • Focus level of instruction at community rugby
    • Outdoor sessions
  • Exam class
    • WRRA to canvass NZ Rugby
    • library/bank of questions so that (a form) of Level 2 can be conducted at almost any time of the year
  • Video
    • (video library) to be a resource for training topic
      • Presenters to identify what clips are required
      • if software is required, identify what the software is so that WRRA can track it down

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