2011 WRFU Competition Regulations

Benji Crossley

28/3/2011 WRRA Education Meeting

Premier1st XV Club Regulations for the ground

  • 1 ½ m wide painted zone parallel to touch line on each side of the field for A/Rs
  • 2 Technical painted zones one for each teams’ coachsubs to remain within
  • 2 waterboys per team identified by red and yellow bibs. No other playerofficial to enter field without referee permission
  • Referee should stop the game if the teams coachsubs not staying in their technical zone
  • Rope parallel to the touch line at least 5m from the touch line on each side of the field, encompassing the technical zones
  • At thinner fields (such as Helston and Ian Galloway #1 etc) there may not be room for Technical zones or the rope

Competition Rules

  • No rolling subs are allowed
  • Club teams will be using two copy whitepink team sheets
  • Team Sheets must be checked before game starts to ascertain team numbers and front row requirements. If a team attempts to use more than 22 players, then that team will default the game.
  • Referee is to check sheet at the end of the game to confirm score and Griffith Memorial points
  • Referee is only to take the white copy team sheet if a yellowred card is issued
  • Secondary School teams will be using the yellow team sheet cards
  • Red Cards – Phone call to Benji Crossley, Mike Dilnott, David Walsh, or Ian Dallas on the same day as the incident. Red Card report to be supplied to Benji within 48 hours – at the Monday night meeting is too late.

WRRA Referee Appointments Information

Ruck Issues

  • If a player in front of the offside line in the ruck unbinds, they cannot pick up the ball. The ball is in the ruck and that player is offside when they unbind. The player must leave the ruck and return behind the offside line before they may ball the ball (in which case they would be acting as the receiver). Law 16.
  • If a player goes to ground as a tackled player, but there is no tackler (by definition under law 15), the tackled player must still let go of the ball and get up before they can play the ball again. A tackle still occurs even if the player affecting the tackle loses contact with the tackled player and remains on their feet.

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