Mark Fairmaid / Jared Clarke

2/4/2012 WRRA Education Meeting

Card reports:

  • Be clear and precise and quote the Law on yellow card reports. Be accurate.
  • If red card contact Ian Dallas, Mike Dilnott, or Club Rugby Administrator on the day of the card.
  • Red card is an automatic 2 week suspension, so Mike Dilnott may request a re-write for red card reports so that they accurately explain the offence.


  • E-mail your non-availability for that week by midday Monday at the latest to
  • Listen to the radio 2ZB on Saturday morning for late cancellations and changes.
  • Email ASAP if you become available or non-available during the week.
  • Check both Club Rugby and Sec schools draws. The links are on the wrra and wrfu websites. Alterations to club and sec schools rugby draws are also available on the websites.

Assistant Refereeing:

  • Be concise and clear when communicating with the ref.
  • Be accurate; state what you saw.

Work-ons for 2012:

  • Work-ons are 14 areas that a ref could work on during a game.
  • Refs will be e-mailed this list, and are to choose 3 areas to work on during 2012 and e-mail these back.
  • For each of the 3 areas, you can provide further details of what you are working on in each of these areas.
  • All coaches will have a laminated list of each referees work-ons so that they can observe and provide appropriate advice when at any ground.
  • Work on an area until you are happy with it (or a coach is happy with your mastery of it) before working on another of your 3 selected areas. It takes about 2 months to master an area before it becomes a practiced behaviour.
  • The 14 work-ons, based upon the RRIMS system, are:
    • Signals
    • Foul Play/ Msconduct
    • Kicks in play
    • Offside
    • Scrum
    • Lineout
    • Communication
    • Obstruction
    • Position
    • Near and In-Goal
    • Fixture Management / Consistency
    • Mobility/Fitness
    • Ruck/Maul
    • Advantage

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