David Walsh

19/3/2012 WRRA Education Meeting

  • At uncontested scrums, if there is a need to replace a front row player, then the team must bring on another front row player if one is available in the reserves (IRB Ruling 2011 #1).
  • The ball carrier in a maul drops to the ground. If another player holds the ball up, then the maul ends unsuccessfully. Set a scrum.
  • The ball carrier in a maul drops to the ground, and the ball touches the ground. If that player holds on and does not attempt to release or to deliver the ball, then you can penalise that player (IRB Ruling 2011 #2).
  • If the ball is partially charged down, then any players from the kicker’s team in front of the kicker are not offside if within the 10m. They are only offside if a charge down is not attempted i.e. the kick just hits an opposition player standing there who did not attempt to charge it down (IRB Ruling 2011 #3).
  • If a tackler rips a ball out of the arms of a running player while making a tackle and the ball bounces toward the tackler’s goal line, it is not a knock on. But if the ball is ripped out and bounces away from the tackler’s goal line (toward the ball carriers goal line) it is a knock on (IRB Ruling 2011 #4).
  • A throwing team’s receiver is allowed to enter a lineout, but only after the ball has left the hookers hands. The non throwing team receiver can only enter the lineout, if the throwing team’s receiver enters the lineout first, otherwise the non throwing team may have more numbers in the lineout. Before the ball leaves the hands of the hooker, the receiver must remain 2m away from the lineout. See Law 19.8i and 19.9a.
  • At scrums watch for front rows setting up head to head. Ask hookers to put their right foot in line with the mark to prevent this. Slow down the tempo of the scrum calls to improve the quality of the setup.
  • It is not a forward pass if the ball leaves the hands travelling in a backwards direction, but the momentum of the ball carrier carries the ball toward the opposition goal line. See Law 12 Definition: Throw Forward.

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