Refereeing 7s is different from refereeing 15s. Here are the main points of difference as outlined below:


  • 7 players, 7 minute halves. Number of subs determined by WRFU rules.
  • Kickoffs – any infringement by kicking team = FK
  • Scrum – three players, must stay bound until scrum is over. Deliberately kicking the ball out of the scrum = PK
  • Conversions – must be a drop kick. Must be within 40 seconds. Opposing team must gather at their own 10m line, NOT BEHIND THE POSTS.
  • Penalty shots at goal – must be taken within 30 seconds of penalty being awarded
  • Everything else remains the same.

Technical Law Videos. 

Watch the videos at the end of this page and they are pretty self explanatory about what each clip within this video refers to.

7s-positionPositioning – Absolutely Crucial in 7s:

  • Ball in line
  • Stay out of the 15s unless absolutely necessary
  • Work hard – get there


  • Knock on – very short – one clear pass.
  • PK – hardly ever play advantage.


  • Ball in/ball out.
  • Avoid resets
  • Go-To decisions
  • Wheeling (not pushing straight)
  • Kicking out of scrum
  • Collapsing
  • Binding

WRRA Standards:7s-fk

  • Time wasting is yellow card
  • Tackle over the shoulder  is a yellow card
  • Referee is to work hard to allow players to play the game
  • Vocal tackle/maul
  • Line out management right people right place right time

Sevens Game Management Guidelines
WRRA Sevens Presentation