WRRA – Off-Season Training Programme

Conditioning Session Week #3 (printable version)

 “Consistency is key”

Please be sure to complete a comprehensive warm up before beginning any ‘moderate’ or ‘hard’ running. At a minimum, your warm up should include:

  • 5min of ‘light’ activity/jogging.
  • Dynamic stretching (calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and groin)
  • Include any extra stretching as you see fit!

*This session is to be completed on Thursday or Friday this week.
– Run a 5 minute warm-up, and then stretch.
Then run for:

3 minutes hard                        –           1 minutes easy
5 minutes hard                        –           2 minutes easy
7 minutes hard                        –           3 minutes easy
5 minutes hard                        –           2 minutes easy
3 minutes hard                        –           1 minutes easy

Heart rate target during hard block           =          170 – 190 bpm
Heart rate target during easy block            =          140 – 160 bpm

*This session is to be completed on Saturday or Sunday this week.
– This is a 30-50 minute run at a moderate pace (You choose the duration based on your current level of fitness).  The aim of this session is to maintain a consistent pace throughout. (Tip; set a pace at which you are able to hold a conversation with your running partner or sing along to your headphones comfortably.)

Run over a course that has variation in the terrain e.g golf course, botanical gardens, running tracks etc.  This run should only be used very early in your off-season or if you have little or no aerobic running base. You will have to build up to this length if you have done little or no running.

Heart rate target during run            =          155 + bpm