WRRA – Off-Season Training Programme

Conditioning Session Week #4 (printable version)


 “Consistency is key”

Please be sure to complete a comprehensive warm up before beginning any ‘moderate’ or ‘hard’ running. At a minimum, your warm up should include:

  • 5min of ‘light’ activity/jogging.
  • Dynamic stretching (calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and groin)
  • Include any extra stretching as you see fit!

*This session is to be completed on Thursday or Friday this week.
– After completing the warmup.
Then run for:

– Walk/jog recover for 2 min between each 340m lap
– Walk for 3-4 min to recover
– Run 5-6 x 170m (halfway around the rugby field) at a quick pace, 90-95% max. speed
– Walk/jog recover for 90 seconds between each 170m lap
– 20 press ups then run hard for 2 min/2 min walk-jog recovery
– Jog for 6 min to warm down and then stretch.

*This session is to be completed on Saturday or Sunday this week.
– From a predetermined starting point, start your stopwatch and run in one direction along a road/track/path for 15-25mins (the duration will depend on your personal fitness capability). Aim to hold a ‘steady’ pace for the duration of the run.
– Rest for 3-4mins
Then start your stop watch again and head back along the same path to the ‘starting point’. Try to reach the starting point in the same or less time.
– Cool down and stretch.