The following section contains information for referees in Wellington to make uniform decisions.

Sin-bin – where should the player go?

When a player is sin-binned (yellow carded):
1)      If the reserves and/or management of the opposition team are positioned at one of the deadball-lines, the sin-binned player should be sent to the deadball-line at the far end of the field away from those opposition personnel
2)      Otherwise, the sin-binned player should be sent to his/her own deadball line.

In representative matches, where the replacement players and management are situated at or near halfway on the sideline, the sin-binned player may be sent to this sideline management area if there is a dedicated sin-bin chair available.

Sin-binned players are entitled to join their team at halftime.  They must return to the sin-bin [as per 1) and 2) above] to complete their 10 minute suspension.