Donations to the WRRA

Donations to the Wellington Rugby Referees Association

The WRRA is now listed as an approved Donee organisation on the appropriate IRD website.  Donee status means that:

INDIVIDUALS can claim a tax credit/rebate for any donations that they make to the WRRA (generally using a form IR526).

We will issue valid receipts to the individuals for this purpose. The tax credit amounts to 33.33% of the donated amount (minimum donation: $5).

Please refer to Tax credit for donations for further information.

COMPANIES can deduct such donations from their business income.

Donee Status is not retrospective and applies to donations from 2017 onwards. Appropriate receipts will be issued to donors (donor details are required) as such donations are received.

This information may also be useful when talking to friends, acquaintances and supporters who might be considering larger or smaller donations to the WRRA.

We would like to thank all donors for their support of the WRRA in providing refereeing services to the Wellington region.