Danial Bremner

We have been catching up with some of referees and finding out about them and why refereeing rugby is appealing.
Our first in this series is Danial Bremner who is in his 2nd year of refereeing with the Wellington Referees after starting in Tasman. He has just been promoted to Level 2.

When did you start refereeing?
2012 with the Tasman Union

Did you play rugby?
I played for the Waimea Old Boys after playing rugby at Naylands College. I have also played for the various Police sides as well. I covered various positions including Flanker, Centre, Full Back, and Wing.

Are you involved in other sport?
I am a keen multisporter and just completed the Porirua Grand Trasverse in the weekend where I finished 2nd overall. I have been national age group multisport champion. I have also been involved with Soccer, Hockey, Softball, Cycling, Motorcross, Kayaking, Running, and Athletics.

Why did you get involved in Rugby Refereeing?
I got involved in coaching my sons. This lead into refereeing as they got older. I saw a need for referees and wanted to be involved in my kids sports and share the passion I have for rugby with them.

What is the best moment of your refereeing career?
Refereeing with my son Jordan as AR. He is starting to referee this year so it will be interesting to see how he goes.

What goals do you have for refereeing?
My goals are to improve positioning, player management and decisions on the field to a level where I can referee any level of game. To make an international competition squad.

What advice do you have for someone considering refereeing?
Just do it!!!! I did not know I was going to enjoy refereeing the game as much as playing. In some ways its even more enjoyable. The challege of reflecting on your game and how it impacts others, then improving each week is very rewarding.

What advice do you have for someone that has just started refereeing
Learn the basics, get along to some games as an AR. Listen to what the experienced referees are saying and watch where they are positioning themselves on the field.

What do you want to achieve from a game of rugby that you are refereeing?
I want to achieve a fair, fun, hard contested game where both teams are able to contest fairly for the ball throughout the entire game. Where both teams are able to walk off the field and say well reffed.

What other things about refereeing do you enjoy?
The team atmosphere with the other referees. Its great having that support and camaraderie.

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