The following is primarily, but not solely, for new members of the Wellington Rugby Referees Association (WRRA):

To become a referee and a member of the Wellington Rugby Referees Association, there are a few steps to go through:

  1. Register as a referee using the Sporty online system, which sends data to the NZ Rugby National Rugby Database (NRD) (this is an almost identical process as registering as a player or a coach)
    1. Follow this link:
  2. Who’s the Ref is the online appointments system that is used by the WRRA – please see the attached file for instructions
    1. Enrol as a user of Who’s the Ref (for those who are new to refereeing).
    2. WRRA members who are already enrolled as users of Who’s the Ref need to keep their details and availability up to date in this system, as well as the NRD.
  3. Attend a Rugby Smart presentation
    1. This is compulsory for all referees and also coaches of all teams of secondary school grades and upwards.
  4. Undertake training relating to the Blue Card Concussion Initiative
    1. Since approximately 5th March, 2018, there has been an online Blue Card Training Module made available by NZ Rugby.
      1. When you complete the registration process using Sporty, it currently automatically initiates the Blue Card training module.
      2. You have the ability to complete the training at that time, or defer it to a later time.
      3. The process will send you an email message (dependent on the email address, that you entered during the registration process, being accurate).  Within that email message, there will be a link to return to the Blue Card training module when your time allows.
  5. Attend Monday night Training-Education-Development (T-E-D) sessions.
    1. If attendance of Monday night meetings is not achievable, or presents any logistical issues (such as transportation), please get in touch!
  6. Pay a subscription to the WRRA – Subs Information
  7. Having paid a subscription, collect the full ensemble of WRRA refereeing kit and equipment
    1. Jersey – shorts – socks – tracksuit – touchjudge flags – kit bag

WhosTheRef Instructions